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At Secret Weapon, we are focused on

providing an excellent quality product

at a great price.  

Secret Weapon Products have been developed specifically to combat the age old problem of removing knots and matting from long hair.

All of our ingredients

have been carefully selected to help keep skin and coat healthy and feeling amazing, while providing the knot-busting power you need to keep your pet's coat pristine.



Q: Why does my product sometimes look/smell different or be thicker or thinner?


A: These products do not have extra additives such as artificial thickeners and colours, they may therefore have varying viscosity and natural colour. Colour is also affected by the scent oils so changing a scent will often change the viscosity and colour, especially with the shampoos.This will NOT affect the performance at all. Also, the scents used may not always smell identical between batches and blends due to the nature of manufacturing with natural raw ingredients and their natural variation. Scent added to shampoos may not smell identical to the colognes because of the other ingredients. New products will NOT smell exactly the same as older ones due to the nature of natural scent that changes with time.

Q: What is the average delivery time?

We are a manufacturer rather than a wholesale shop and make everything to order since a large percentage of items are personalised in some way. At checkout we ask you to allow 14 days. 


Q: Do you give out cologne samples?


A: No. We currently have over 30 different cologne blends. It's not economically viable to give out samples. 


Q: Do I have to make a trade account?


A: No. This website has wholesale pricing

direct from the manufacturer.

Q: Can I retail these products?


A: If you wish to become a retailer, there are RRP at the bottom of the descriptions for products that are suitable for retail. You may also buy the larger sizes and rebottle/label them with your own branding.

We also offer white labelling but this does not include large bulk orders of 5 litre shampoo or conditioner. We are not offering reformulation of products for individuals past what is already available for selection on each product page..

Q: Can I become a distributor?


A: Firstly, we do not offer all of the products to distributors due to manufacturing capacity.  

Distributor enquiries will only be considered from established grooming suppliers in countries outside of Australia.

If outside Australia and your country

already has a distributor please contact

them to become a retailer.

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