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  • Our Design Your Own Shampoo is the perfect way to cater to your specific needs. Using our Coco Glucoside shampoo base, you can customise and create a shampoo that is unique to your preferences. Simply choose from our selection of essential oils, natural extracts, and other ingredients to add in.  Experience the flexibility and convenience of creating your own shampoo today, with our Design Your Own Shampoo.
  • Please note that certain scents will thin the shampoo, such as the Blueberry ones, Pear & Musk, Flowerbomb. This does not effect the performance.




Aloe Vera - moisturises, adds shine

Green Tea - supports hair growth, treats split ends, adds shine, moisturises, aids in dandruff control, reduces oily skin

Charcoal - adds volume, deep cleans, exfoliates, detoxifies

Coconut OIl -  tames frizz, adds shine, aids in dandruff control, protects against protein loss

Coconut Milk - restores moisture & strength, moisturises, aids in dandruff control

Goat's Milk - aids hair growth, moisturises, rejuvenates, cleanses, nourishes, soothing

Manuka Honey - adds shine, moisturises, tames frizz, reduces breakage, soothing, revitalising, hydrates, reduces breakage, strengthens, aids growth

Hemp Seed Oil - hydrates, moisturises, aids growth, prevents breakage, enhances elasticity, adds shine, adds volume

Dead Sea Mud - strengthens, aids growth, deep cleans, protects against breakage, moisturises, hydrates

Greek Yoghurt - adds shine, strengthens, adds volume, moisturises, hydrates

Seaweed - adds shine, nourishes, aids in hair growth, aids in reducing dandruff, deep cleans

Himalayan Salt - exfoliates, removes styling products, strengthens, nourishes, 

Vitamin B5 - moisturises, reduced split ends and improves damaged hair, adds volume and shine

Chamomile - brightens, strengthens, prevents damage, adds shine

Blueberry - aids growth, prevents breakage, enhances texture

Ginkgo - aids growth, nourishes, adds volume

Guava - strengthens, aids collagen production, adds shine, adds volume, deep cleans, removes styling products, protects from UV rays, 

Kiwi - strengthens, reduces damage

Calendula - hydrates

Jojoba - moisturises, protects against damage and breakage nourishes,

strengthens, adds volume

Olive  - moisturises, smoothes, adds shine, treats dryness, nourishes

Apple Cider Vinegar - adds shine, softens, strengthens, balances pH, deep leans, removes odour, reduces colour fading, tames frizz, removes styling products

Argan Oil - moisturises, tames frizz, reduces dryness, adds shine

Bergamot - aids growth, tames frizz, smoothes, soothing, softening, do not use on cats

Geranium - promotes healthy hair, hydrates, soothing, nourishes

Rosemary - volumises, aids growth, 

Peppermint - promotes growth, removes odour, aids growth

Lavender - promotes growth, reduces itchiness, 

Lemon - cleanses, aids growth, deep cleans, restores healthy pH levels, removes styling products, removes excess oil, adds shine, do not use on cats

Vegetable Glycerin - hydrates, moisturises, protects, strengthens, tames frizz, aids growth

Sunflower Oil - helps dry dull hair, tames frizz, adds shine, hydrates, repairs damaged hair, soothing

Grapeseed Oil - adds shine, soothing, aids growth, moisturises, tames frizz, helps repair damage, strengthens

Sweet Almond OIl - moisturises, aids growth, strengthens, softens strands, repairs damage, 

Tea Tree Oil - aids in danfruff control, reduces itchiness, do not use on cats



Peppermint & Sage

Candy Cane

Grapefruit & Violet

Musk Stix

Xmas Cheer

Plum Pudding

Xmas Cookie

French Pear

Pineapple & Coconut

Raspberry Sparkle



Lime & Vanilla

Mandarin & Violet

Vanilla & Sandalwood

Amber & Vanilla

Peach & Ylang Ylang

Pear & Musk

Peach & Hydrangea

Mango & Coconut

Vanilla & Orange


Lime & Coconut

Green Tea

Jasmine & Sweet Pea

Peach & Musk

Vanilla & Musk

Apple & Vanilla

Lime & Apple

French Lavender

Myrrh & Musk

Hyacinth & Musk

Paw Paw & Mango

Green Apple

Neroli & Honey Myrtle

Vanilla Bean

Peach & Vanilla

Magnolia & Jasmine

Peach & Pineapple

Citrus & Melon

Melon & Vanilla

Blueberry & Vanilla

Lychee & Guava

Fig & Coconut


Orange & Cranberry

Pear & Waterlily

Blueberry & Coconut

Green Tea & Bergamot

Cafe Latte

Pomegranate & Apple

Bamboo & Lime

Papaya & Coconut

Lemon Verbena & Vanilla

Lemongrass & Coconut

Mandarin & Peach

Coconut & Almond

Grapefruit & Musk

Green Tea & Ginger

Jasmine & Rose

Coconut & Vanilla

Strawberry & Lemon Zest

Strawberry & Peppermint

Blackberry & Vanilla

Jasmine & Vanilla

White Lily & Rose

Maple Leaf & Vanilla

Blood Orange & Clove

Iris & Rose

Orchid & Musk

Peony & Gardenia






Design Your Own Shampoo 5 Litres

GST Included


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